I am looking for Ph.D. candidates in the areas of wireless networking and mobile computing. Students with either EE or CS major are welcome to apply. Candidates are expected to have a solid background in network/mobile systems, a strong motivation towards academic excellence, and should be prepared for years of concentrated work. Familiarity with some of the following knowledge and skills is a big plus:

1) Designing network systems and implementing them on experimental platforms (e.g., software radios, smartphones, network drivers, FPGAs, smart hardware).
2) Designing and implementing mobile applications, ubiquitous computing systems, and sensor systems.
3) Designing and implementing practical signal processing algorithms or communication hardware (baseband, RF, or antennas).

Please refer to: http://xyzhang.ucsd.edu/research.html to get a general understanding of my research topics and style.

Students in our team will build a diverse skill set in both system implementation and theoretical modeling. They will also acquire broad knowledge in wireless networking, mobile applications, wearable computing, etc. Because of such unique strength, all Ph.D. students in our team have top-conference papers in their first year. Our 2nd and 3rd year Ph.D. students already got internship offers from top-notch research labs, including Microsoft Research, Google, Bell Labs, HP Labs, NEC Labs, Intel Research, etc.

I am in the computer engineering area as well as the communication systems area. So when submitting your applications, please indicate your area of interest accordingly.

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